Christa raises the bar for massage therapists. She is a true health professional that knows the human anatomy and continues to seek knowledge and new techniques beneficial to her clients. Christa has a gift that few therapists have. If you communicate with her you will get the best results of your life.


Very Professional! Takes the time to listen to what you're looking for in a massage experience. Does a great job explaining the different treatment options and creates a positive and therapeutic atmosphere! I highly recommend CSR Signature Massage.


Wonderful therapeutic massage. I would highly recommend Christa.


I’ve been seeing Christa now for about four years. Not only is she awesome at what she does, but I can now say she has become a friend as well! You will not be disappointed with her services! Trust me!


Christa is the best massage therapist I have ever been to. I have been seeing Christa regularly for about a year. I am a pretty tough client with many complaints and need a pretty strong therapist to work out all of my kinks. I have never had a therapist who could dig as deep as I need and not have to take a break. Christa has no problem keeping up with me! She is so incredibly friendly and personable as well. It is always such a great experience! I recommend Christa to everyone I know!


Awesome massage therapist. Really gets to know her clients and serves them well. Her cupping is the best!! She has been the only massage therapist to help my lower back issues. I’ve been seeing her for about a year consistently and I don’t think I would ever stop. She is the worth the drive to keep seeing her!! You will not be disappointed. Be honest about your issues and what you felt best after! Highly recommend Christa!


My recently husband gifted me with a massage certificate from Christa. He has visited a variety of massage therapists due to his chronic back issues and raved about her so much that he wanted to share the experience.

I had my massage this week and, as much as I hate admitting, my husband was right! I had a full body massage just for general relaxation and stress release, and it was amazing. She worked on a couple problem areas including a knotty spot in the gluteus that bothers me occasionally. She offered advice for working out that knot on my own using a hard ball and a wall - a nice inexpensive solution to help release the knot in between massage opportunities. She asks questions about what kind of pressure you're comfortable with and what you're looking to get out of the massage to be sure she focuses on the areas of most benefit to you.

If you're looking for a really nice experience with an expert massage therapist (and who isn't?), you don't be disappointed with Christa.